How long does it take for
Male UltraCore to work?

As most men know, taking a blue or orange pill to help with sexual performance might provide a boost, but it’s only temporary. Furthermore, the next time you may need a boost, you’ve got to plan for it and then take that pill again, only to have it wear off immediately after. Not the case with Male UltraCore.

One of the biggest benefits to taking Male UltraCore is that you never really have to plan your sexual activity around a pill. As a healthy, all-natural supplement you take daily, Male UltraCore helps you become ready at a moment’s notice. This is the case because the recommended doses are essentially a part of your daily diet. It’s worth noting that Male UltraCore does not work simply by taking a dose the first day and you’re ready to rock and roll. A gradual, more long-term approach is needed. Let me explain.

Your Body Gradually Absorbs Nutrients

Once the 30-day threshold is reached, men should begin noticing the difference in their libido, their ability to achieve and maintain an erection, and the ability to enjoy sex for longer periods. The natural ingredients that build testosterone, dilate the blood vessels and enable increased endurance will be absorbed into the body and must be maintained by continuing to take daily doses.

Once the 30-day threshold is reached, men should begin noticing the difference in their libido, their ability to achieve and maintain an erection, and the ability to enjoy sex for longer periods. The natural ingredients that build testosterone, dilate the blood vessels and enable increased endurance will be absorbed into the body and must be maintained by continuing to take daily doses.

How Do the Ingredients in Male UltraCore Work?

The all-natural ingredients used in Male UltraCore work together to provide the cumulative effect of enhanced sexual prowess coupled with an ability to have sex for longer periods and ensure sex is more enjoyable. Unlike other male enhancement supplements that use only 2% extract levels of necessary ingredients, Male UltraCore uses ingredients consisting of 50% - 60% extract levels. Some of those ingredients include:

Maca Root for increased libido. Known primarily as a Peruvian plant that is grown in the Andes mountains, Maca Root is an ideal ingredient for increasing libido and overall sexual drive. In terms of the details, Maca Root inhibits neurotransmitters that kick in when men have reached orgasm and are less sensitive to sexual stimuli. In other words, men are able to have more erections and more sex more often.

KSM-66 is also known as Ashwagandha, an ancient medicinal herb that boosts testosterone levels as well as fertility in men. It works to keep the penis from losing its erection during sexual activity because of its free calcium ion inhibitor characteristics.

LongJack, Eurycoma Longifolia or Tonkat Ali is one of the most robust ingredients that can increase a man’s libido naturally. In addition to libido, Tonkat Ali works to increase erection size and endurance while decreasing PDE-5, an inhibitor that keeps men from achieving maximum blood flow. As we know, increased blood flow means the ability to achieve harder erections for longer periods of time.

Male UltraCore includes Fenugreek extract. Fenugreek reduces certain enzymes which can lead to prostate enlargement. By taking Fenugreek, men realize increased testosterone levels while not having to worry about prostate enlargement from those certain enzymes.

Also known as ZMA, Zinc and Magnesium Aspartate, this combination improves the production of testosterone. Zinc is important to help maintain levels of testosterone. Magnesium Aspartate does its magic by working to transform free cholesterol to testosterone. ZMA is one of the most important ingredients in Male UltraCore. It operates as the basis for increasing testosterone levels while other ingredients maintain free testosterone levels.

Also known as Horny Goat Weed, Epimedium Sagittatum boosts testosterone levels while at the same time reducing the effects of PDE-5, the inhibitor that keeps healthy men from achieving maximum blood flow. Male UltraCore includes a 60% Icariin extract, which is the most potent form of Icariin extract widely available today, that boosts sexual drive in healthy men.

L-Arginine is an amino acid that is the catalyst to creating the key compound that results in vasodilation or expansion of blood vessels. It relaxes and dilates blood vessels, leading to significantly improved blood flow to the penis. L-Arginine is also helped by other components in Male UltraCore, such as Tongkat Ali and Horny Goat Weed.

Tribulus Terrestris helps maintain high levels of testosterone in the body. It also helps build up testosterone levels while preventing the metabolism of testosterone into estrogen.

Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa, an ingredient that works with ZMA, is a very effective testosterone booster and is prominently used as part of the Male UltraCore formula.

Proprietary Formulation Absorbed Into The Body

Not only does Male UltraCore use the world’s best, more potent ingredients at higher than typical extract percentages, it formulates those ingredients using a proprietary process that allows the body to gradually, but effectively, absorb what it needs.

Also known as “Vasodilator Ingredients with Penile Expansion,” VI-PEX technology is a proprietary vasodilation process that blends blood flow enhancers and PDE-5 inhibitors to maximize the blood flow process in the body. This contributes to erection size, hardness and longevity. As Male UltraCore’s ingredients are absorbed into the body over the initial 30 day period, the body begins to regularly build testosterone, increase blood flow and deliver increased energy and endurance.

STEM technology, also known as Sustained Testosterone Enhancement Method, is a proprietary process uniquely developed to increase and sustain testosterone levels in men. Increased testosterone translates into increased libido as well as sexual performance. Male UltraCore’s STEM technology allows men to be ready at a moment’s notice and allows him to enjoy it more thoroughly and for much longer.

VI-PEX and STEM technologies work together beautifully, blending the two for improved sex drive, increased endurance, harder erections and an increasingly enjoyable sexual experience.

The Five Stages of Improving Sex with Male UltraCore


Male UltraCore’s VI-PEX technology begins to work. The blood rushes to the penis during sexual stimulation, beginning to the phase of harder, fuller erections.


The PDE-5 inhibitors in Male UltraCore start working. Increased blood flow begins to transform erections into ultra-hard, ultra-full tools your partner will go crazy about.


Male UltraCore’s STEM technology gets to work. The erection leads to a heightened sex drive.


With the sex drive now in overdrive, STEM technology further boosts testosterone levels leading to harder erections over very longer periods. Endurance is also increased.


With VI-PEX and STEM technologies now in full swing, Male UltraCore becomes the solution men need for bigger, fuller, harder erections and the best sex they and their partners have ever had.

Don’t take my word for it.

Try Male UltraCore for yourself and order your first dose today.

Give it 30 days and see if it won’t dramatically transform your sex life and make your
partner – or partners – stick to you like glue.


  • Rock-hard erections that are bigger than ever
  • Increased levels of free testosterone
  • Impressive selection of ingredients
  • VI-PEX and STEM Technology revolutionize the industry


  • May be hard to get since it’s in high demand

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